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Tenerife Resorts Resort Information

Tenerife is split in to two different areas, you have the North and South.

The North of Tenerife is home to the following resorts:

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife and home of the best shopping in Tenerife. With many multi Story shopping centres Santa Cruz is a must visit for some shopping. Santa Cruz is also where the North Airport is located in Tenerife although you can not fly direct from the UK to this Airport.

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Puerto del la Cruz

One of the most popular places to stay in the North of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz will offer you bars, restaurants and shopping like most resorts in Tenerife. This resort is also home to the famous Loro Park and you will find many botanical gardens in the town and surrounding areas.

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The South of Tenerife is the most popular with the British and has many resorts to choose from:

Las Americas

The South of Tenerife is home to the biggest resorts Tenerife has to offer. Las Americas is home to many bars, restaurants, apartments and hotels. This resort of course is not without it's beaches where you are able to spend a lazy afternoon or two.

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Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos and Las Americas where once two separate resorts in Tenerife, however with the tourist boom over the past few years the two resorts have basically joined and became one. Los Cristianos also offers many bars and restaurants for tourists to choose from along with many different types of accommodation.

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